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Hour of Orthodoxy Radio Programs from 1982

Hour of Orthodoxy, January 3rd, 1982
Reading: 2 Cor: 5-14 Sermon: The Promise of the New Year, Question: Why is Christmas celebrated on two dates in the Orthodox Church?

Hour of Orthodoxy, January 10th, 1982
Reading: Sermon: The Manifestation of God, Question: Why is the Baptism of Christ a greater holiday than Christmas?

Hour of Orthodoxy, January 17th, 1982
Reading: Eph.4:7 Sermon: Blessing of Homes, Explain the passage, Question: Mark 9 “He who is not against us is for us” ?

Hour of Orthodoxy, January 24th, 1982
Reading: Heb. 13:17 Sermon: Obedience to leadership, Question: How do we face contentious problems?

Hour of Orthodoxy, January 31st, 1982
Reading: Luke 18: 10 Sermon: Publican and the Pharisee, Question: Is it natural to feel guilty in church?

Hour of Orthodoxy, February 14th, 1982
Reading: Luke 15:11 Sermon: The Prodigal Son and Divine Life, Question: Is it a sin to be superstitious?

Hour of Orthodoxy, February 21st, 1982
Reading: Matt. 25:31 Sermon: On the Last Judgment, Question: How can a merciful father permit his children to suffer?

Hour of Orthodoxy, February 28th, 1982
Reading: Matt. 6:14 Sermon: Preparing for Lent, Question: Should the Church be involved in the contemporary problems like abortion?

Hour of Orthodoxy, March 7th, 1982
Reading: John 1:43 Sermon: Christ as the Icon of God, Question: What is the future of the Orthodox Church in America?

Hour of Orthodoxy, March 14th, 1982
Reading: Mark 2:1 Sermon: On the forgiveness of sins, Question: What is synergy?

Hour of Orthodoxy, March 21st, 1982
Reading: Mark 8:34 Sermon: The Cross as the bringer of Joy, Question: Can you explain the sign of the Cross?

Hour of Orthodoxy, March 28th, 1982
Reading: Luke 1:24 Sermon: The good news of the Annunciation, Question: What is the meaning of the praises to Mary?

Hour of Orthodoxy, April 4th, 1982
Reading: Mark 10:32 Sermon: The way to Jerusalem, Question: Is St. Mary of Egypt’s life extravagant?

Hour of Orthodoxy, April 11th, 1982
Reading: John 11:1 Sermon: Death is an insult to man, Question: Did Jesus plan his own death?

Hour of Orthodoxy, April 18th, 1982
Reading: Mark 16:1 Sermon: On Pascha, Question: What makes the Orthodox faith unique?

Hour of Orthodoxy, April 25th, 1982
Reading: John 20:19, Sermon: Pascha, the song of joy, Question: Why doesn't the Orthodox Church use English in the services?

Hour of Orthodoxy, May 2nd, 1982
Reading: Mark 15:43, Sermon: The symbol of the empty tomb, Question: Why are people afraid when a priest visits them when they are sick?

Hour of Orthodoxy, May 9th, 1982
Reading: Acts 9:32, Sermon: The spiritual experience of the resurrection, Question: What is the roll of women in the Church?

Hour of Orthodoxy, May 16th, 1982
Reading: Acts 4:13, Sermon: The Gates of Hell, Question: Why is it necessary to attend Church?

Hour of Orthodoxy, May 23rd, 1982
Reading: Luke 24:33, Sermon: The promise of Jesus Christ at His Ascension, Question: Is the ascension of Jesus Christ related to space travel?

Hour of Orthodoxy, May 30th, 1982
Reading: Acts 1:1, Sermon: Remembering of the ascension of Jesus Christ, Question: How can the Orthodox Church exist without regular Ecumenical Councils?

Hour of Orthodoxy, June 6th, 1982
Reading: Acts 2:1, Sermon: The Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Question: Why do we hear so little about the Holy Spirit in the Orthodox Church?

Hour of Orthodoxy, June 13th, 1982
Reading: Matt 10:32, Sermon: Our calling on the Sunday of All Saints, Question: Why do we pray to saints?

Hour of Orthodoxy, June 20th, 1982
Reading: Matt 9:35, Sermon: On the life of St. Herman of Alaska, Question: Does the Orthodox Church have any new saints to be canonized?

Hour of Orthodoxy, June 27th, 1982
Reading: Matt 26:36/Acts 9:1, Sermon: The swords of Sts. Peter and Paul, Question: What is the role of the father in the family?

Hour of Orthodoxy, July 4th, 1982
Reading: 2 cor 5:11, Sermon: A letter from a persecuted church, Question: What makes the Orthodox Church different from other churches?

Hour of Orthodoxy, July 11th, 1982
Reading: 1 John 5:1, Sermon: The martyrdom of St. Peter the Aleut of Alaska, Question: Why can't I make my son who is a war veteran go to church?

Hour of Orthodoxy, July 18th, 1982
Reading: Matt 9:1, Sermon: On the Forgiveness of Sins, Question: Explain the meaning of the Elect in the Bible?

Hour of Orthodoxy, July 25th, 1982
Reading: 1 John 5:13, Sermon: On the Forgiveness of Sins, Question: Reading from the book Our Hope by Fr. Dimitry Dutko?

Hour of Orthodoxy, August 1st, 1982
Reading: Matt 14:14 and John 6:24, Sermon: The miracle of the feeding of the 5000, Question: Why don't our children support us in our old age?

Hour of Orthodoxy, August 8th, 1982
Reading: 1 Cor 3:9 and Matt 14:1, Sermon: God's Grace and the fall of man, Question: Reading from the book Our Hope by Fr. Dimitry Dutko?

Hour of Orthodoxy, August 15th, 1982
Sermon: The state of the Orthodox Church in Russia under Communism, Question: A dialogue with Father Dutko on Atheism

Hour of Orthodoxy, August 22nd, 1982
Sermon: The Mercy of God, Question: How do I know if I have a priestly vocation?

Hour of Orthodoxy, August 29th, 1982
Sermon: Moses, St. Paul and the name of God, Question: Can I ask God for a miraculous healing?

Hour of Orthodoxy, September 5th, 1982
Sermon: How does the parable of the wicked husbandmen apply to the church today?, Question: What does the word "Maranatha" mean?

Hour of Orthodoxy, September 12th, 1982
Sermon: The Icon of our Lady of Kazan, Question: Why do innocent children suffer and die?

Hour of Orthodoxy, September 19th, 1982
Sermon: The finding of the True Cross, Question: Why are we not permittted by the Orthodox Chruch to receive Holy Communion in the Roman Catholic Church?

Hour of Orthodoxy, September 26th, 1982
Sermon: Dedication of one's life to Jesus Christ, Question: Is pain and suffering necessary for Christian Life?

Hour of Orthodoxy, October 3rd, 1982
Sermon: On the modern monastic Orthodox tradition, Question: Is it possible to live a monastic life without joining a monastic community?

Hour of Orthodoxy, October 10th, 1982
Sermon: On becoming a Monk, Question: Why is there no uniformity in liturgical worship?

Hour of Orthodoxy, October 17th, 1982
Sermon: The commandment of Love, Question: Why did Solzhenitsyn condemn the west in his lecture at Harvard University?

Hour of Orthodoxy, October 24th, 1982
Sermon: The testimony of St. Paul about the risen Christ, Question: How do I make a total commitment to Christ?

Hour of Orthodoxy, October 31st, 1982
Sermon: The parable of the sower as broadcasting the Word through radio, Question: Can you justify using a radio breoadcast to preach the Word of God?

Hour of Orthodoxy, November 7th, 1982
Sermon: Concern for the poor, Question: Please explain the Orthodox practice of prayers for the dead?

Hour of Orthodoxy, November 14th, 1982
Sermon: Demonic possession and the mentally disturbed, Question: Is Demonic possession real?

Hour of Orthodoxy, November 21st, 1982
Sermon: Holy Angels in the Orthodox Faith, Question: Would it be worthwhile to read the new book by Billy Graham about Angels?