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Hour of Orthodoxy Radio Programs from 1980

Hour of Orthodoxy, January 6th, 1980
Reading: Philippians 2:5, Sermon: The purpose of the Advent Season.

Hour of Orthodoxy, January 13th, 1980
Reading: 2Corinthians 2:16, Sermon: The reconciliation of Mankind by Christ to God, Question: How do I forgive myself after receiving forgiveness from God?

Hour of Orthodoxy, March 2nd, 1980
Reading: John 10:7, Sermon: On the life of St. Gregory Palamas, Question: How do I enter a state of silence while praying the Jesus prayer?

Hour of Orthodoxy, March 9th, 1980
Reading: Mark 8:34, Sermon: The Cross on Good Friday and in Alaska 1794, Question: How can the relic of the true Cross be authenticated?

Hour of Orthodoxy, March 16th, 1980
Reading: Mark 9:17, Sermon: On the feast of the Annunciation, Question: Why are children not permitted to receive the Eucharist during the Pre-sanctified Liturgy?

Hour of Orthodoxy, March 23rd, 1980
Reading: John 8:1, Sermon: Repentance for the sin of Adultery and Fornication. Question: Why does the American press ignore the persecution of Orthodox Christians?

Hour of Orthodoxy, April 13th, 1980, St. Thomas Sunday
Reading: John 20:19, Sermon: Do not be unbelieving, but believing. Question: How do I keep the experience of Easter alive in my life?

Hour of Orthodoxy, June 1st, 1980
Reading: Matthew 10:32, Sermon: On the life of St. Innocent Apostle to America. Question: Is there a theological reason why musical instruments are not used in the Orthodox Church?

Hour of Orthodoxy, June 8th, 1980
Reading: Matthew 5:1, Sermon: The work of St. Innocent in Alaska. Question: How can I help others return to faith?

Hour of Orthodoxy, June 15th, 1980
Reading: Matthew 6:22, Sermon: The falling asleep of St. Innocent April 12, 1879. Question: How can I come to believe with the rock hard faith of my Grandparents?

Hour of Orthodoxy, June 22nd, 1980
Reading: Romans 15:7, Sermon: Words of Fr. Dutko on the Gulag. Question: Is the religion on the increase or decrease in Russia? - interview with Fr. Dutko.

Hour of Orthodoxy, June 29th, 1980
Reading: Matthew 23:29, Sermon: Mother Maria's treatise on the two temples. Question: Is Astrology the true prophecy?

Hour of Orthodoxy, July 6th, 1980
Reading: Matthew 9:1, Sermon: The importance of faith in life. Question: Why is prayer for others important?

Hour of Orthodoxy, July 13th, 1980
Reading: Matthew 16:24, Sermon: Spiritual worship in the life of St. Vladimir. Question: What are the limits of my responsibility to my grown children?

Hour of Orthodoxy, July 20th, 1980
Reading: 1Corinthians 13:1, Sermon: The meaning of true love. Question: Should a parent be blamed for the behavior of their children?

Hour of Orthodoxy, July 27th, 1980
Reading: 1Corinthians 3:9, Sermon: A sermon by St. Nicholai of Zhicha Part 1. Question: Is education dangerous to one's religious faith?

Hour of Orthodoxy, August 3rd, 1980
Reading: 1Corinthians 4:9, Sermon: A sermon by St. Nicholai of Zhicha Part 2. Question: Should I accept the direction of my spiritual father who is leading me into despair?

Hour of Orthodoxy, August 10th, 1980
Reading: 2Corinthians 5:7, Sermon: A sermon by St. Nicholai of Zhicha Part 3. Question: Can I ask God to be healed from Cancer?

Hour of Orthodoxy, August 24th, 1980
Reading: Exodus 3:1, 1Corinthians 15:1 Sermon: On the sacred name of God. Question: Can there be unity between the Orthodox and Catholic churches?

Hour of Orthodoxy, September 7th, 1980
Reading: Mark 6:14 Sermon: The sacrifice of John the Baptist. Question: How can I pray for the person who raped my daughter?

Hour of Orthodoxy, October 5th, 1980
Reading: Ezekiel 32:1, Luke 7:11 Sermon: The Gospel of Jesus Christ as an affirmation of Life. Question: How does one pray?

Hour of Orthodoxy, October 12th, 1980
Reading: Galatians 2:16 Sermon: Justification by works or by faith. Question: How do I deal with family members who are not Orthodox?

Hour of Orthodoxy, October 19th, 1980
Reading: Luke 8:5 Sermon: How the Word of God is heard and put into practice. Question: Why am I under attack by unseen forces as a convert to the Orthodox Church?

Hour of Orthodoxy, October 26th, 1980
Reading: 2Corinthians 3:12 Sermon: The unveiling of Christ in the Old Testament. Question: If Jesus Christ is the inly incarnation of God what about Krishna, Buddha, and others?

Hour of Orthodoxy, November 2nd, 1980
Reading: Phillipians 3:17 Sermon: Living life with moderation. Question: As an Orthodox Christian can I go to a Jewish Doctor?

Hour of Orthodoxy, November 9th, 1980
Reading: Luke 7:36 Sermon: The infinite capacity of God to forgive. Question: How do I guide myself and family on prayer?

Hour of Orthodoxy, November 16th, 1980
Reading: Ephesians 4:1 Sermon: The unity of the Faith. Question: How can I be perfect and honor saints?

Hour of Orthodoxy, November 23rd, 1980
Reading: Luke 8:14 Sermon: How did Jesus know that the woman touched Him? Question: How can we love God and also our neighbors?

Hour of Orthodoxy, November 30th, 1980
Reading: Ephesians 2:12 Sermon: Christ's redeeming work. Peace as a person. Question: Can you explain how a person can become estranged from Christ?

Hour of Orthodoxy, December 14th, 1980
Reading: Colossians 3:1 Sermon: Being raised to life with Christ. Question: Why are there two Christmas dates for Christians?

Hour of Orthodoxy, December 21st, 1980
Reading: Hebrews 11:9 Sermon: The golden thread of faith. Question: Is the Church as good as its leaders?

Hour of Orthodoxy, December 28th, 1980
Reading: Luke 2:1 Sermon: The joy of a reunion with Christ. Question: Why do we make Christmas into a day of self-indulgence?