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Hour of Orthodoxy Radio Programs from 1974

Hour of Orthodoxy, March 3rd, 1974 - The Sunday Of Orthodoxy

Hour of Orthodoxy, March 17th, 1974 - Sunday Of The Holy Cross
Sermon: The Cross Makes Sweet Our Bitter Life

Hour of Orthodoxy, March 24th, 1974 - The Sunday of St. John Climacus
Sermon:The Greatest Test Of Faith Is Yet To Come

Hour of Orthodoxy, March 31st, 1974 - St. Mary Of Egypt

Hour of Orthodoxy, April 7th, 1974 - Palm Sunday
Sermon:A Triumphal March To Passion And Death

Hour of Orthodoxy, April 14th, 1974 - Paschal Sunday

Hour of Orthodoxy, April 21st, 1974 - St. Thomas Sunday
Sermon: Doubting Thomas - An Example Of Faith

Hour of Orthodoxy, April 28th, 1974 - Sunday Of The Myrrh Bearing Women
Sermon: Their Faith Was Rewarded

Hour of Orthodoxy, May 5th, 1974 - Fourth Sunday After Pascha
Sermon: Transformation Through Christ

Hour of Orthodoxy, May 12th, 1974 - Fifth Sunday After Pascha
Sermon: To Worship God Is A Matter Of Life Or Death

Hour of Orthodoxy, May 19th, 1974 - Sixth Sunday After Pascha
Sermon: Blinding The Eyes Of The Soul

Hour of Orthodoxy, May 26th, 1974 - Seventh Sunday After Pascha
Sermon: Unity Through The Holy Spirit

Hour of Orthodoxy, June 2nd, 1974 - Pentecost
Sermon: The Universe Caught In The Net

Hour of Orthodoxy, June 9th, 1974 - 1st Sunday After Pentecost
Sermon: All Saints Are One In Christ

Hour of Orthodoxy, June 16th, 1974 - 2nd Sunday After Pentecost
Sermon: Fishers Of Men

Hour of Orthodoxy, June 23rd, 1974 - 3rd Sunday After Pentecost
Sermon: Be Not Concerned For Tommorrow

Hour of Orthodoxy, June 30, 1974 - 4th Sunday After Pentecost
Sermon: The Healing of the Centurion's Servant

Hour of Orthodoxy, July 7th, 1974 - 5th Sunday After Pentecost
Sermon: The Demons Of Garapa

Hour of Orthodoxy, July 14th, 1974 - 6th Sunday After Pentecost
Sermon: The Power Given To Men By God

Hour of Orthodoxy, July 21st, 1974 - 7th Sunday After Pentecost
Sermon: Consecrated To The Way Of Christ

Hour of Orthodoxy, July 28th, 1974 - 8th Sunday After Pentecost
Sermon: Knowledge Of Christ Is Eternal Life

Hour of Orthodoxy, August 4th, 1974 - 9th Sunday After Pentecost
Sermon: Why Did You Waver?

Hour of Orthodoxy, August 11th, 1974 - 10th Sunday After Pentecost
Sermon: Bring Him To Me

Hour of Orthodoxy, August 18th, 1974 - 11th Sunday After Pentecost
Sermon: Forgiveness

Hour of Orthodoxy, August 25th, 1974 - 12th Sunday After Pentecost
Sermon: The Price of Truth - St. John the Baptist/>
Hour of Orthodoxy, September 1st, 1974 - 13th Sunday After Pentecost
Sermon: The Beginning of the Church Year and the Life of Christ.

Hour of Orthodoxy, September 8th, 1974 - 14th Sunday After Pentecost
Sermon: Life after the resurrection

Hour of Orthodoxy, September 15th, 1974 - Sunday Before The Elevation Of The Cross
Sermon: On The Feast Of The Cross

Hour of Orthodoxy, September 22nd, 1974 - 16th Sunday After Pentecost
Sermon: Live According To God's Will

Hour of Orthodoxy, September 29th, 1974 - 19th Sunday After Pentecost
Sermon: On Loving Our Enemies

Hour of Orthodoxy, October 6th, 1974 - 20th Sunday After Pentecost
Sermon: The Grief Of The Widow Of Nain

Hour of Orthodoxy, October 13th, 1974 - 20th Sunday After Pentecost
Sermon: Parable of the Sower and the Seed.

Hour of Orthodoxy, October 20th, 1974 - 22nd Sunday After Pentecost
Sermon: On The Parable Of Lazarus And The Rich Man

Hour of Orthodoxy, October 27, 1974 - 15th Sunday After Pentecost
Sermon: Parable of the unclean spirits and the swine.

Hour of Orthodoxy, November 3rd, 1974 - 24th Sunday After Pentecost
Sermon: The Hem Of Christ's Garment

Hour of Orthodoxy, November 10th, 1974 - 25th Sunday After Pentecost
Sermon: On The Parable Of The Good Samaritan, Advent Season.

Hour of Orthodoxy, November 17th, 1974 - 26th Sunday After Pentecost
Sermon: On The Parable Of The Rich Man, Advent Season

Hour of Orthodoxy, November 24th, 1974 - 29th Sunday After Pentecost
Sermon: Reason For Prayers Of Thanksgiving

Hour of Orthodoxy, December 1st, 1974 - 30th Sunday After Pentecost
Sermon: On The Feast Of St. Nicholas

Hour of Orthodoxy, December 8th, 1974 - 31st Sunday After Pentecost
Sermon: Healing The Woman On The Sabbath

Hour of Orthodoxy, December 15th, 1974 - 32nd Sunday After Pentecost
Sermon: The Great Supper And Phipip's Fast

Hour of Orthodoxy, December 22nd, 1974 - Sunday Before the Nativity of Christ
Sermon: What shall we bring to You, O Christ?

Hour of Orthodoxy, December 29th, 1974 - Sunday After the Nativity of Christ
Sermon: There Came Three Wise Men