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Weekly Prayer List April 23rd, 2017

Please remember in your prayers:

1. Mike Bauml Sr. – Had his lungs drained again today and doctor is recommending hospice. They have nothing left to offer him and doctor feels that he may not have much longer.
2. Kathy – Mother-in-law of Joe Bauml, prayers for negative biopsy results – she is a cancer patient.
3. Darryl – He is in heart failure and is in Northwestern to find out if he is eligible for a heart transplant. Prayers that he receives a heart or at least a artificial heart till a transplant is available – friend of Lynn R.
4. Tom – Prayers for good test results – had several polyps removed – he already had stomach cancer and eight surgeries. Esther’s nephew.
5. Euthymia – Surgery Monday appears to of gone well – received some good test results that suggest low risk of recurrence/metastasis. Please pray that all the melanoma was removed and for a quick and uneventful healing. Elena’s mother.
6. Alexandra – Unable to do the cardio version because her PT test was too low – rescheduled for later this month – prayers she will be able to successfully have her cardio version.
7. Healthy Pregnancy for Mother & Baby: Jen, Olivia, Jackie, Amanda, Kristin, Taylor & Lynn.
8. Our Military: Drew, John, Jeremy, Danny, Matt, Kevin & Cameron. Please remember to pray for the safety of the United States and for an end to terror attacks around the world. Let us join in prayer together at 8 PM.
9. Through the Intercessions of St.Nectarios, pray unto God for those who are battling cancer: Jenna, Christine, Tom, Joe, Erica, John, Amy, Tom, Rich, Daphne, Mike, Craig, Kathleen, Sherri, Valynda, Monica, Olga, Irina, Priest Anthony, Stuart, Don, Cynthia, Mary, Barb, Susan, Pearl, Nikki, Brad, Lois, Ardith, Rose, Dan, Lisa, Connie, Nancy, Carol, Willie, Kevin, Marie, John, Fr. Patrick and Teclebrahan.
10. Mary Pat – Fell asleep in the Lord April 19th, ending her 15 month struggle with cancer, with her immediate family present. Luba wishes to thank everyone for their prayers for her son-in-law’s aunt. Memory Eternal!
11. Michelle Jannakos for safe travel to Florida - Also prayers for strength & guidance, along with congratulations, as she prepares for her new position in Fl. then returning to us.
12. Please remember the Bauml family in this difficult time.
13. Fr. Anthony has gotten worse over the last week and especially over the last 24 hours. Matushka will be putting him into hospice tomorrow. We just ask for prayers in this difficult time.
14. Please say a prayer for Charlotte, sadly her daughter Dayna, passed away on Saturday April 22nd.

More prayers needed for:

1. Elsie - Please say a prayer for the newly departed Elsie, sister of Mike Kincaid – Memory Eternal 2. Julie – Suffering from diabetes and grief from loss of family and friends – very depressed – from Fr. Andrew. 3. Karen – Suffering from neurological problems – prayers for good MRI results. 4. Aurelia – Cut her fingers in blender & almost severed one finger – prayers surgery was successful – Lynn Rizo’s mother. 5. Jessie – Recovering alcoholic –prayer to continue on the road to recovery – Lynn’s friend.
6. Rich – Cancer spreading – prayers for the Lord’s mercy. Friend of Mary Ellen.
7. Eleanor – For improved health – now in nursing home – Mary Ellen’s mother in law.
8. Debbie – Hip replacement surgery was 4-14 – Mary Ellen’s best friend.
9. Mary Ellen – Needs prayers to help get her blood sugar under control.

Repeat prayer requests for the young children:

1. Ella Sabine Casten - spinal muscular atrophy. Had surgery in July 2015, Mark - 8 year old diagnosed with leukemia, Blake - Teenager with severe seizures - Nieman Pick Disease, Trenton - 7 year old had meningitis - now blind with severe handicaps, Alex B. - Improved health, Laine - rare Batten's Disease. (her brother just died 3-26 from it), Liam - Fighting Muscular dystrophy, Matthew - 11 years old with muscular dystrophy, Austin - Barbara Pappas' grandson who has a brain tumor, Evelyn - 6 yr old - survived heart surgery to remove a cancerous tumor - now chemo, Hazel - 12 month old - had foot amputated 9-3-15 - surely needs our prayers, Joe - 13 years old - Leukemia - 7-1 from Mike Bauml, and Brooke - severe autism.

Our St. Luke Family: Angie, Paul, George, Eugenia, Sylvia, George and Eugene.


Focused Group Prayer: If possible, let's all say a prayer for the safety of the United States & a return to a Godly nation & world - praying together at 8 PM.

Prayers for our Orthodox Prisoners:Please refer to your list.

"Christ is Risen! Glorify Him!"