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Heaven, A Place Or Spiritual Media
By Zakaria Ibrahim

In the Lord’s Prayer we say our FATHER, Who art in "HEAVEN", and the Nicene Creed stated that CHRIST ascended into "HEAVEN", and sits at the right hand of the FATHER. In Matthew 16:17, JESUS said to Peter, flesh and blood has not revealed this to you but My FATHER who is in “HEAVEN”. Also see Matthew 18:10,14,19, etc. Therefore to us the finite, limited, and temporal in existence, heaven can be thought as the place where GOD dwells. However; we say in our prayers that GOD is everywhere and fills everything. Accordingly, GOD exists within the atomic sub-particles as well as ahead of the expanding universe. The latter is expanding continuously at speed of light, and GOD is filling it before it reaches its new dimension. Therefore, GOD is beyond our narrow limited comprehension to have “HEAVEN” as HIS residence that implicitly finites HIM. We knew that GOD is infinite, unlimited, and has no beginning eternal.

However if we consider the physical, looking upward is towards heaven during prayer, then this is the first “HEAVEN” known to men, similar to the men of Galilee when the Angles said to them, why do you gaze up to “HEAVEN” (acts 1:11) at CHRIST ascension. The Church considers our Lady the Virgin St Mary mother of GOD as the second “HEAVEN” since GOD is presumed to be only in “HEAVEN” but in reality GOD is everywhere. The second epistle of St Paul to Corinthians 12:2 stated that one was caught up to the third “HEAVEN”. St Paul continues and said in Corinthians 12:4, ‘caught up into Paradise’. Therefore, is Paradise the third “HEAVEN”? But in Luke 23:43 JESUS said to the right thief today you will be with me in Paradise. Indeed, Paradise is the spiritual resting-place of souls (liberated from struggling against the seed of sin that imbedded in our corrupted bodies), also is their waiting zone (before general resurrection). The redeemed righteous souls of the departed ones are joined with CHRIST in the Church triumphed in Paradise. Conformably, “HEAVEN” is the spiritual connectivity of humanity to GOD when they put on (clothed) CHRIST. Their fleshly sensors are disabled by the Holy Spirit and their hearts are then immersed in the boundless intense GOD’S love. This is why Jesus said in Luke 17:21 for behold, the kingdom of God is within you. What an honor to put on CHRIST at Baptism, filled by the HOLY SPRIT at Chrismation, Abides in CHRIST through communion, and enjoy the warmth of GOD THE FATHER’S LOVE through our redeemer JESUS CHRIST.

The ultimate “HEAVEN” is the promised new “HEAVEN” (Revelation 21:1-10) where GOD Himself reunites this new “HEAVEN” with the new earth, the New JERUSALEM, that descends out of “HEAVEN” from GOD (after general resurrection and judgment). Where, GOD will dwell with men in their glorified bodies, and through unification with CHRIST as the HEAD, and themselves as members (with LOVE as their common DNA) of JESUS CHRIST body. They would experience the joy of GOD presence, knowing and comprehending the boundlessness of HIS glory, discerning and exploring HIS infinite unlimited timeless DIVINITY, WHO adopted them as HIS kids.

Therefore, “HEAVEN” is the media where GOD reconnects to humanity on the spiritual level (before general resurrection) or on physical level (after general resurrection). Thus, restoring Adam and his descendants after a long separation from GOD.

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