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What If God Made Resolutions?
By Mike Bauml

Personally, I do not care much for making New Years resolutions. They’re much too easy to make and much too hard to keep. The bible teaches us it is better to not make vows at all than to make them and not keep them. We decide to lose weight, dress nicer, take better care of ourselves, and so on. We make resolutions of all kinds and some we keep and some we do not.

We all know that God is All Powerful and All Knowing. He is Perfect and does not make mistakes. If there are problems, it is not because He made a mistake or His plan for us is imperfect. Problems exist because God allows us our free will and we make the mistakes. He has no need for resolutions but if He did, you can bet that He would keep them.

I do not believe that I can say what God is thinking or what is going on in heaven. No one can, but just for the sake of discussion let us consider what if God made New Years Resolutions?

Psalm 90 teaches us that “a thousand years in Your sight are like yesterday when it is past.” For me this means that while for us it has been over 2000 years since Christ was born, for God it has been only a couple of days. Imagine the following scenario.

It was a rough week in heaven. God sent us His only Son and we crucified Him. It had to be done for us to be saved, but it probably wasn’t an easy thing for a Father to watch. Christ comes home to Him after being raised from the dead and it’s time to celebrate and God gives everyone the weekend off. Monday rolls around (remember 2000 years for us is a couple of days for God), and God decides to take a look at what we have been up to. After what He sees, He decides maybe it’s time to make some resolutions.

Millions of My children are being killed by abortion, maybe it is time to turn all those involved in abortion back into fetuses and see how they like it. The divorce rate is over 50 percent with families being torn apart by hatred, and children being emotionally damaged. What ever happened to “Let no man rend asunder?” Pedophiles and child abusers are in abundance. I know we have enough millstones for their necks and enough room in the sea for all of them. Sexual promiscuity, perversions, and aberrations are not only rampant but are broadcast on television and thru computers as entertainment. It is hard to believe that they do not remember what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah. Lying, cheating, and stealing are commonplace. People murder one another for a pocket full of change or a pair of gym shoes. People are starving and homeless and the more fortunate pass by without a thought. My church is not one body but splintered into many factors that fight with each other and all this through ego and vanity. Sunday rolls around and My Churches are not filled and only a handful attend special services and feast days. Organizations exist that defend the rights of those who do not believe in Me while prayer is banned in the schools. Maybe it is time to start over with another flood. I have to admit that it didn’t work too well the last time I gave them a fresh start. Maybe this time I should cut My losses and forget the whole thing.

While we might look at things this way and respond accordingly, we are truly blessed that God is also a forgiving God. He forgives us as we forgive each other. He asks us to forgive even to 70 times 7. If we repent from our hearts, confess our sins, and strive to sin no more, our slate is wiped clean. It is a good thing that God does not need to make resolutions, because if He did we would be in big trouble. This year if we feel the need to make some New Years Resolutions, perhaps we should pray about what God wants us to change and make our resolution based on this.

Pssst... Hey God, if you really are considering some resolutions, the Cubs haven’t won in almost 100 years and while that’s only a few minutes for You, it’s kind of a long time for us down here. What’s that? You have been waiting also, but you cannot make them win because then it wouldn’t mean anything. I should pray, not get my hopes up, and wait till next year. Well, at least I have been doing that right.

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